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  • The Price is Right!

    All Pools are FREE at Maximum Fantasy Sports, no matter how many players participate.
  • Robust Configuration Options

    Every Pool hosted by Maximum Fantasy Sports has configuration options not offered by other sites. Whether it is controlling your Rebirth options on our free Survivor Pools or adding the point-spread to your free Confidence Pools or using Double Plays on our free Pick ‘em Pools or adding a payout for Overtime to our free NFL Square Pools, Maximum Fantasy Sports will strive to make your pool options more robust than any other site.
  • What MFS Will Do For You

    We'll do the scoring for you. We'll track the pool finances, but you’ll have to collect and distribute the cash. We'll assign default picks for teams that do not make their picks, based on their default preference, if your pool allows Autopicks. We'll email remainders to make picks in each pool and send you your picks after you have saved them so you have proof of what you played. Not too shabby for a free service!

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The owners of Maximum Fantasy Sports have been rabid fantasy sports participants since childhood. They have played in many types of leagues and have taken the best features from those leagues and built MFS. Included in these features are options no other site has even considered developing. Expect MFS to continue to lead industry-wide innovation.

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